Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar, Vancouver

Carrot butterflies atop my wasabi. Details are so important You think all I do is eat out, eh? well, it certainly seems that way these last couple of days.  We had lunch, creme brulee and coffee in the Strathcona area and now we were back on The Drive for dinner. Our plan was […]

Crackle Crème, Vancouver

Duelling my 7 year old for the crackle! After our garlic chicken wing fix at Phnom Pehn, I was feeling kind of sorry for my 7 yr old Bib, who really was miserable at lunch.  She has a wiggly loose front tooth and didn’t really feel like eating much. Since […]

Basho Cafe & Sweets, Vancouver

Matcha Latte Afternoon Tea special ($5) Upon entering Basho Cafe on East Hastings (my old teenage stomping grounds!) you are immediately taken aback by the fine details evident in the decor and the food.  By gosh, even the door handle at the front has a knitted warmer wrapped around it! […]

Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver

London Fog Do you ever argue with family members about where to eat for dinner? well, this is us practically every weekend.  I figured out a compromise.   One person chooses the resto for dinner and another can choose a different place for dessert.  Win Win! awww! the cutest coolest […]


Deluxe Suika Box:  Suika’s Appetizer sampler box. Yes, it was very good…and appetizing!  I had  to order the sampler because I love variety!  The portion sizes were not too bad…served in little sake cups in a lacquer box. It was a gorgeous presentation. Negitoro sashimi appetizer.  Lots of fresh tuna […]


The Pink High Tea:  Service for Two. Faubourg’s window display from the outside. The reservations for High Tea are seated at the back of the bakery.  The front is the cafe area. Look up.  Isn’t the chandelier pretty? The reservations area is located next to the kitchen.  You can take […]


Short Ribs and Prawns.  Served with a Mushroom Sauce on the side. The veggies were an extra add-on.  The prawns were grilled just perfectly in the shells.  The short ribs were good and seasoned perfectly.  Good portions.   Good value. Rating:  5/6 The AAA Prime Rib was Medium Rare, as requested. […]

BBQ DUCK 24/7! No. 9 Restaurant, Richmond

This big ol’ bowl of BBQ Duck on Rice is the only reason I go to No. 9 Restaurant, located in Lansdowne Mall, Richmond. The restaurant in open 24 hours, every day of the week.  I know that if I ever have a craving for BBQ Duck, that I could […]


Spicy Tuna Sashimi            Rating:  5/6 California Roll, Negitoro Roll, Crab Cake nigiri                        Rating: 5/6 Gyoza.  Not so tasty.  Pasty filling.            3/6  Golden Dragon Roll.  California Roll topped with Tempura Yam.  Yum  6/6 Here’s the pic showing the whole order of the Specialty Dragon Roll. Chicken Karaage.  Wings (there were two […]


Fresh Coconut Juice! I knew the kids wouldn’t like it, but we ordered it anyway because Bebe wanted to try it.   I ended up drinking most of it.  Coconut juice is in fact coconut water and not coconut milk and doesn’t taste anything like coconut milk.  It was fun to […]


Fish and ChipsAll 3 females were hankering for some fish and chips.  Stomach was outnumbered (again!) Sometimes he just has to go home and crawl into this man-cave downstairs, with its big screen t.v. and watch some war movie or something with explosions, bloodshed, gore and gunfire. It’s funny…we found […]


Brie Fondue!at Burgoo! It’s been ages since I had fondue and my fond memories in Alsace of having all that reblochon cheese (tartiflette! yum!) and the awesome Cheese Fondue I ate with my great French friends V and P.  Sigh.  Eating fondue in Vancouver just doesn’t cut it, but it […]