strawberries and cream matcha chiffon layer cake HAPPY SUMMER!  There’s nothing like fresh local strawberries in the summer! I created this unique sky-high matcha cake recipe to celebrate my best friend’s birthday as she’s a matcha lover.   I am entering this original recipe I developed for BCEgg (a non-profit organization […]


SO, this is me lesson prepping for tomorrow’s Creative Writing 11 Book Chat tomorrow.  I had my students select a Canadian Novel for an independent project which culminates in a Tea ‘n Cookies Book Chat with their peers. Silly me…I asked what they’d like me to bake and they said […]


Basho’s gone, but you can make these Mini Mochi Cupcakes yourself! Do you miss this tiny Japanese cafe on E. Hastings street?  Well, cry no more because you can easily make these mini gluten-free Japanese sweets.  Just pull out your knitting needles, knit a cozy for your potted succulent plant […]

Basho Cafe & Sweets, Vancouver

Matcha Latte Afternoon Tea special ($5) Upon entering Basho Cafe on East Hastings (my old teenage stomping grounds!) you are immediately taken aback by the fine details evident in the decor and the food.  By gosh, even the door handle at the front has a knitted warmer wrapped around it! […]

Matcha Chiffon Cake (gf)

Matcha Chiffon (GF) I’m looking forward to seeing a few of my high school classmates today.  It’s kind of neat to be able to see them so many years later and catch up.  I see some of my high school friends only once a year.  We make a bit of […]

Matcha Milkshake (GF)

Matcha Milkshake I’m cray cray about matcha recently as evidenced by my Matcha Madeleines (gf) and Matcha Coconut Mochi (gf)  recipe. Matcha powder.  I use Do Matcha, which is an organic green tea It’s hot hot hot in Vancouver and I’ve been craving a cold milkshake so I whizzed one up […]

Matcha Coconut Mochi (GF)

Matcha Coconut Mochi.  An excellent Japanese sweet to serve with tea or coffee. Summer’s here and I have the kids full-time.   Aside from locking them out of the house once because they were fighting, I think I’ve been able to keep them busy enough to stay out of trouble. […]

Matcha Madeleines (GF)

Matcha Madeleines (gf).  Note the “hump”…a good thing  Madeleines are one of the most beautiful little cakes I’ve ever seen and positively scream of lazy days on the patio.  Perfect for afternoon tea or coffee. Summer is a funny time of year for me.  It’s a time when I actually […]