Japanese Souffle Cheesecake  250 g cream cheese 50 g unsalted butter 100 ml fresh milk 6 egg yolks 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla extract 60 g cake flour 20 g cornstarch 1/4 tsp salt 6 egg whites 1/4 tsp cream of tartar 140 g granulated sugar Special Equipment: […]

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar, Vancouver

Carrot butterflies atop my wasabi. Details are so important You think all I do is eat out, eh? well, it certainly seems that way these last couple of days.  We had lunch, creme brulee and coffee in the Strathcona area and now we were back on The Drive for dinner. Our plan was […]

Basho Cafe & Sweets, Vancouver

Matcha Latte Afternoon Tea special ($5) Upon entering Basho Cafe on East Hastings (my old teenage stomping grounds!) you are immediately taken aback by the fine details evident in the decor and the food.  By gosh, even the door handle at the front has a knitted warmer wrapped around it! […]

Matcha Coconut Mochi (GF)

Matcha Coconut Mochi.  An excellent Japanese sweet to serve with tea or coffee. Summer’s here and I have the kids full-time.   Aside from locking them out of the house once because they were fighting, I think I’ve been able to keep them busy enough to stay out of trouble. […]


Deluxe Suika Box:  Suika’s Appetizer sampler box. Yes, it was very good…and appetizing!  I had  to order the sampler because I love variety!  The portion sizes were not too bad…served in little sake cups in a lacquer box. It was a gorgeous presentation. Negitoro sashimi appetizer.  Lots of fresh tuna […]


Spicy Tuna Sashimi            Rating:  5/6 California Roll, Negitoro Roll, Crab Cake nigiri                        Rating: 5/6 Gyoza.  Not so tasty.  Pasty filling.            3/6  Golden Dragon Roll.  California Roll topped with Tempura Yam.  Yum  6/6 Here’s the pic showing the whole order of the Specialty Dragon Roll. Chicken Karaage.  Wings (there were two […]


Toro Rose.3 pieces of toro sashimi wound together to create a rose.   It was so pretty and lovely to eat.  I scarfed it down pretty quickly without offering any to Stomach.  Rating:  6/6 Assorted Sushi Combo. The combo is a pretty good deal at $7.50.  Rating:  4.5/6 Spinach Gomae.  A […]


Iced White Chocolate Matcha Latte.What a gorgeous drink! It was cool, creamy and refreshing on a hot summer day.  I liked the soft sweet white chocolate flavour combined with the slightly astringent and grassy matcha.  Yum! Mango Smoothie.  Icy and frothy with mango flavour.  The kiddies loved this one and […]


Negitoro Roll.  Still reeling from the Urban Fare Quinoa California roll I had for yesterday’s lunch…bleh.  Today I had a working lunch at Honjin Sushi with a couple of my Cohort peers.  Boy was this way better than the Urban Fare Sushi and it was just across the street in […]


I’ve started my Grad Studies and the venue is nearby.  Here’s me with my deli lunch from Urban Fare.   I thought I should go healthy today.  Healthy body, healthy mind.  Right?  Quinoa in sushi?  I had to give it a go. The Quinoa California Roll was pretty blah as far […]