Scotch Eggs made with Mr. Crumb Stuffing

Scotch Eggs made with Mr. Crumb Stuffing These Scotch Eggs are absolutely delicious and are so easy to make.  Mr. Crumb sage & onion stuffing is handmade with sautéed onions and Irish butter which gives these Scotch Eggs an amazing taste!  Perfect for picnics! Serves 6 Prep time:  15 minutes […]

Fried Cheese Egg Toast – The Breakfast of Champions (In a Rut)

I’m not sure what your usual breakfast routine entails, but chances are you occasionally get bored with it, and crave something completely different, and when that happens, it doesn’t get much more different than this fast, and easy fried cheese egg toast. Be careful though, since afterwards it’s not easy […]

Crab Omelet Recipe

I can’t seem to get enough crab this season. Dungeness crab is only about $7 a pound or so at local markets. I think I’m starting to get better at removing it from the shells; it’s a tedious job but worth the effort. Rather than dousing it in drawn butter, […]