Japanese Souffle Cheesecake  250 g cream cheese 50 g unsalted butter 100 ml fresh milk 6 egg yolks 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla extract 60 g cake flour 20 g cornstarch 1/4 tsp salt 6 egg whites 1/4 tsp cream of tartar 140 g granulated sugar Special Equipment: […]

Foraged-Blackberry No-Churn Ice-cream & Totoro Choux au Craquelin

What to do with the many buckets of FREE local blackberries you’ve picked along railroad tracks, parks and roadways in Vancouver? How about Foraged Blackberry No-churn Ice Cream? Your leaf or mine?How about stuffing Choux au Craquelin with that blackberry ice cream? Cream puffs are dead easy to make.  Top […]

London Fog Pots de Crème

London Fog (Earl Grey) Pots de Crème with candied Cocoa Nibs Got 3 egg yolks kicking around from macaron making?  we do… This recipe is a perfect companion to any macaron recipe that incorporates 3 egg whites.  Are you like me and feel guilted by those extra yolks in your […]

Crackle Crème, Vancouver

Duelling my 7 year old for the crackle! After our garlic chicken wing fix at Phnom Pehn, I was feeling kind of sorry for my 7 yr old Bib, who really was miserable at lunch.  She has a wiggly loose front tooth and didn’t really feel like eating much. Since […]

Blueberry Milkshake

Blueberry Milkshake My friend gifted me a HUGE ice-cream pail full of perfectly sweet local blueberries from a UPick farm in Richmond.  The blueberry season is here NOW! and I don’t know about you, but I have blueberries starting to turn mushy and I’m heading to the freezer now with […]

Matcha Milkshake (GF)

Matcha Milkshake I’m cray cray about matcha recently as evidenced by my Matcha Madeleines (gf) and Matcha Coconut Mochi (gf)  recipe. Matcha powder.  I use Do Matcha, which is an organic green tea It’s hot hot hot in Vancouver and I’ve been craving a cold milkshake so I whizzed one up […]


Fresh local strawberry & vanilla ice cream tarts  In keeping with my “Lazy Summer” theme I started with my last post, I thought I’d show you a sneaky-delicious treat to use up those local strawberries that are so juicy sweet this month.  After we visited the driving range in Richmond, […]


Coconut Jelly (gluten free) Hello Kitty Coconut Jelly! I have two plastic jelly molds I purchased to make kiddie jellies.  The huge Hello Kitty face mold above turned out really well and the facial features turned out quite well. Miffy? Sorry, I don’t know the Hello Kitty characters too well. […]


Coconut-Vanilla Rice Pudding…Brûlée Any rice will do for your pudding.  I used Jasmine because that’s what I had on hand. This recipe for rice pudding just happens to be Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  I used canned coconut milk (Aroy-D Brand).  Make sure you stir up the coconut milk in […]


GF Banana Chiffon Cake with Condensed Milk Drizzle and Organic Local Raspberries Third time’s a charm with my GF  Chiffon experimenting!  The kids were happy to eat my failures because they were so tasty.  However, it was time for a flavour shift.  I had 2 spotting bananas on the counter […]


Lookit those great bubbles! New Town Bakery’s White Sugar Rice Steamed Rice Cake (baak tong goh) are good.  They don’t have that overly-yeasted/fermented taste.  They are soft and white and kids love them.  Making these yourself is possible, but buying a few pieces is so much more convenient because there’s […]