LUNCHBOX BENTO: Even a Kid Could Do It

Carrots and Ranch Dip, 1 mini flower-shaped Coconut Mochi, Flower and Leaf shaped ham sandwiches, Strawberries and Grapes Sometimes we wish our kids would stay babies forever.  I was never one of those adults who fawned over newborns though (except mine lol!) I always looked forward to the day my […]

Lunchbots Quad Bento Lunchbox: Floral Fun

Ham sandwich flowers, baby carrots with ranch dip (in round container), blueberries,cantaloupe flowers watermelon flowers and a pineapple skewer. Ok. Just practicing to see how long it would take to make a kind of healthy bento lunch for the kids.  Not bad.  everything was put together fast because I used […]


fusilli, tuna, corn and egg salad I’m not even going to suggest to you that you MUST put anything green (scallions!) or red (peppers!) to pep up the colour and flavour.  This pasta salad would be so much more pretty but my kiddies would just pick out all the peppers […]